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Almost inevitably, most people will have suffered the inconvenience and unpleasantness of a blocked drain. There are all sorts of reasons why drains block up. For instance, it may be caused by the gradual build-up of impressive “fat bergs” through or larger items being inappropriately flushed down the toilet. Moreover, if tree roots gradually penetrating through the pipe to lodge in its heart, a blockage is all too easy to form. Unfortunately, if left untreated, the blockage will rarely clear itself; rather, dirt and debris will continue to accumulate around it, making the problem worse. Trees, for example, will continue to grow over time: the roots will also grow, causing more cracks and fractures further down the pipe. Therefore, if you suspect your drain may be blocked, don’t delay in calling us out to resolve the issue.


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Although some blocked drains present with immediate, severe symptoms, blockage may also be a gradual process. For instance, signs to look for include: slow draining water from a sink or bath, back flow into sinks, baths or toilets, an overflowing toilet when the flush is pulled, overflowing roof gutters, water flowing out of the drain on to the ground around it, rather than down into the underground pipeworkl, an unpleasant smell inside or outside, which can’t be explained otherwise. Left unchecked, a blocked drain is a health hazard, so prompt remedial action is vital.

Drain Clear Canberra have invested heavily in our plant, ensuring we have the right equipment to deal with blockages of all shapes and sizes. For instance, our inventory includes: electric eel machines, high pressure jetters, and a specialised CCTV camera with pipe locating technology which we can lower into the pipe to get an idea of where the blockage is and what type it might be. We also have access to chemical drain clearers, as well as specialist equipment for removing tree roots and similar incursions.

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